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The three components of 3EP Flex...

3EP is a digital self-test APP that makes revision-proof Covid-19 selftesting possible and available for everyone. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, clever identification methods and a retrofit approach.

Component 1

The app

3EP Flex Logo App

Guides through the test and holds all individual data of the user.

Component 2:

The Stickers

3EP Flex Sticker

Builds the connection between app profile and existing self-tests.

Component 3:

The test kits


Selected reliable self tests are already 3EP Flex ready.

... and how they work together

The digital 3EP self-test APP will allow people to take flexible antigen self-tests – at any time and in any place – and will even validate the antigen self-test results to ensure reliable, scalable and inexpensive testing.

Step 1:

Identity Check

Identification of the test person with valid picture ID

Biometric profile is created encrypted on the smartphone

Stored profile identifies user for each test and for each presentation of a test result

3EP Flex App

Step 2:

Certified antigen self-tests

Digital process identifies test and ensures certified test is used

Encrypted serial code on test cassette uniquely assigns test to a person

3EP Flex Testkassette

Step 3:


Video training is available upfront

App guides through test with detailed step-by-step instructions

3EP Flex App

Step 4:

Verified evidence

Test results enable verified and tamper-proof detection

Transfer of the result to other Apps via interface only after explicit approval of the user

Monitoring of the proper execution of the test is carried out via AI and AR

If test was not proper performed the test is documented as cancelled and cannot be used again

3EP Flex App

Step 5:


If the test result is positive, a note appears indicating the necessary follow-up activities

Negative test result is available immediately

Result can be presented to human or machine auditor

3EP Flex App

Maximum Data Protection

The antigen self-test procedure can be implemented in compliance with the highest data protection standards.
Local Storage
Personal data is only stored and encrypted on the App locally on the smartphone (IOS & Android).
Tamper-proof Code
A hash of the encrypted personal data is stored in the backend on the smartphone. It is used to verify the integrity of the locally stored personal data on the smartphone. If only one character changes the hash cannot validate the data anymore.
Secured In-App data
The in-App data can only get accessed after successful login in the smartphone and app.
In case of loss
Loss of the phone and loss of the App leads to a loss of the test data.

The 8 Key Differentiators of the App

Find out what makes the 3EP Flex approach so special and why it is the most advanced self-testing method available.


The test person is reliably identified (secure digital identification procedure).


Quick, easy and safe to perform at any time and any location.


The QR code on the test cassette ensures that the test is clearly linked to the identified person.


Correct test performance is guided and verified.


Data protection – all personal data is encrypted and stored only locally on the user’s smartphone. Access to the In-APP is possible only after successful login on the smartphone and in the APP.


The validated test result is documented, centrally archived and can be retrieved at any time in a tamper-proof manner.


QR code of the negative test result can be read by any smartphone or entry terminal for verification.


Transfer of results via interfaces to other COVID-19 APPs after approval by user.

Meet the people behind 3EP Flex

Distributed by Eternal Solution Global the product EP3 Flex was developed by AG, a German start-up company based in Altomünster near Munich. The founders bring decades of experience in the IT and pharmaceutical industry and use this know-how to simplify everyday procedures with medical test and devices in the daily lives of users. 
CEO Matthias Timm

Matthias Timm
CEO Eternal Solution Global

“We checked the whole market for Online/Video Certification and after an extensive evaluation we selected digitalCX.Services with their product 3EP as trusted partner because of its outstanding quality. Full Data security, 24/7 availability and a fantastic fully AI-based technology and process which leads to the most attractive price in the market. We are proud to be the exclusive distribution partner and we foresee a huge market potential to serve corporates and populations in this pandemic situation.“

Digital CX Services

Jürgen Stauber
Founder AG

“Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) are frequently used buzzwords in Germany with unfortunately still too few examples – Made in Germany. In the everyday use of medical devices, these technologies can be applied in a target-oriented way. As a team, we have set ourselves the goal of developing a solution for antigen testing under digital supervision that makes validated self-testing as natural as brushing your teeth every day.”

Digital CX Services

Bernd Gill
Founder AG

“Good digital customer experiences can help people simplify complex processes. Regular COVID-19 testing is essential in the pandemic to make our lives safer with the virus. But testing with a validated test result is complex and expensive. This is where we want to create a new customer experience with the approach to enable daily testing with the lowest possible cost and effort – for everyone and at any time.”

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