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3M Aura 9332+Gen3 Disposable Respirator

3M Aura 9332+Gen3 Disposable Respirator

3M Aura 9332+Gen3 disposable respirator series with the new 3M Cool Flow Comfort Valve with innovative film technology. Easier to use, improved comfort, and enhanced durability.

About this product

The 3M Aura Particulate Respirators 9300+Gen3 Series meets the requirements of European Standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009, filtering facepiece respirators for use against particles. They provide effective respiratory protection for use in industries where workers will be exposed to solid (dust) particles and/or non-volatile liquid particles.

3M Aura 9332+Gen3 is the third generation of our best-selling 3M Aura respirator, offering comfortable and reliable FFP3 breathing protection combined with the original 3-panel, flat-fold design. It has practical positioning tabs, braided headbands, and an embossed, sculpted upper panel that helps reduce eyewear fogging. It uses 3M Advanced Electret (filter) Media (AEM), a high-performance material that’s engineered for easy breathing.


  • Original 3-panel, the flat-fold design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes
  • 3M Advanced Electret (filter) Media helps you breathe easier
  • Innovative tabs on the upper and lower panels simplify positioning and adjustment
  • Braided headbands are color-coded (red for FFP3) for quick and easy identification
  • Sculpted upper panel conforms to the nose and contours of the face for an effective seal
  • Embossed upper panel reduces eyewear fogging
  • Easy to store away with flat-fold design and individual wrapping
  • FFP3 (APF 20) breathing protection against hazardous work environments
  • Made in the UK

Product Info

One of the biggest problems during work with a respirator is the heat buildup inside. The warm air, exhaled by the user, can stay inside the respirator and contribute to fatigue. The 3M Aura 9332+Gen3 Respirators are equipped with two unique features that help to reduce the temperature inside the respirator.

Inhalation is the cooler part of the cycle; 3M’s Advanced Electret (Filter) Media (AEM) allows easy inhalation of the cooler external air through the respirator. As the wearer inhales, the air is pulled through the respirator and the surface temperature decreases.

The valve’s plastic cover retains some of the heat due to the composition of the material. As the wearer exhales the respirator is filled with warm, moist air. Exhalation; 3M’s Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve opens 37% easier than the original Cool Flow™ valve, allowing 36% more air, together with its natural heat, to be expelled more rapidly. As the hot exhaled air exits through the valve, the rest of the respirator remains cooler and more comfortable.

Thermographic imaging enables us to see the cooling effect of the valve on the surface of the product. The colors in the thermal images show the change in surface temperature during inhalation and exhalation.

NEW 3M™ Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve

  • Updated, modern and stylish design with clear cover lets you see new technology in action
  • Opens more easily and stays open longer than the original Cool Flow Valve, allowing more hot air out to reduce heat buildup and increase comfort
  • Helps to minimize the risk of eyewear fogging from heat exiting through the media


Flat Fold
82 mm
CE Approved
146 mm
243 mm
Up to 50 x TLV
16,866 g